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Purity is the basis of health. Come to the place where the body, mind and spirit unite...

In a combination of modern architecture and Oriental mysticism, Rixos Sungate offers an extraordinary environment for relaxation and a unique holiday experience crowned by the Anjana Spa.

Designed on a gigantic 8000 sqm area according to the tenets of the Feng Shui philosophy, the Anjana Spa at Rixos Sungate has received a set of national and international awards; not only for its size, but also for its wide range of services.

The Rixos Sungate Anjana SPA offers a wide selection of services from Oriental therapies to various European-style massage and treatment options. Also, customized treatment and healthcare programs are prepared based on the needs and desires of the individual guests. In the SPA Centre, various world-renowned treatments are performed in a combined program with European massage styles.

Various therapeutic practices including classical massage, hydrotherapy, treatments using Ericson Laboratoire equipments, and instrumental massage techniques are offered by the expert personnel of the Anjana SPA at Rixos Sungate.

Rixos Hotels are the only place in Turkey where the skin and body care is performed using Bruno Vassari, Alisse Bronte and Thalissi products by specialized aestheticians in private cabins.

Massage Parlours 

  • Cleansing body scrubs
  • Ottoman Turkish bath rituals
  • Swedish massage 
  • Intensive therapy massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Massage for expectant mothers
  • Asian Mandara massage
  • 4 hands Sultan’s massage
  • Mono de Tahiti massage
  • Hawaii Lomi Lomi massage
  • Thai massage 
  • Bali massages
  • Chinese massage and head & body practices
  • Manual therapies
  • Hot stone therapy 
  • Indian therapies 
  • Rixy Kid massage

Therapy Parlour 

  • Balneotherapy 
  • Algae therapy
  • Moss room 
  • Antioxidant Kianty body practices
  • Cleopatra’s bath 
  • Detox green tea body practices
  • Grape bath

Beauty Saloon 

  • Intensive and exclusive skin care
  • Intensive and exclusive body care
  • Gold and emerald care
  • Instrumental skin and body care
  • Deluxe eye and décolleté care

Customised sports and care packages 


  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Haircut
  • Hair care
  • Waxing
  • Shave


Swedish Massage

Brisk taps, rubbing and circular movements slowly awaken every part of your body. The massage regulates the blood pressure, relaxes the rigid muscles, accelerates the blood flow and regenerates the body. The Swedish massage rejuvenates tissues and cells, helps you to shake off fatigue and stress.

Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Thai Massage

The Thai massage involves a very slow rhythmical acupressure technique tracing the energy lines of the body. The pressure is applied along the most important ten energy lines in the body using the palm, thumbs, elbows and feet to release the tension. The massage therapist gently shakes the body to relax the joints and to facilitate stretching.

Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Bali Massage

The traditional Bali massage technique involves a set of oils applied with long, flexible and effective touches. These oils help invigorate the bloodstream, and the oxygen and energy flow in the body.  Penetrating through the superficial layers of the muscles, the massage ends with an in-depth awakening.

Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Hot volcanic stones that lock and keep the heat inside are used for this type of massage. You will feel thoroughly relaxed after the stone-massage session. The hot stone massage soothes muscular pain and invigorates the bloodstream thanks to inherent heat of the stones.

Massage Duration: 70 minutes

Indian Massage

This is essentially a herbal massage. The Indian massage is particularly recommended for individuals with reduced body resistance due to a weak immune system, malnutrition or harsh treatments. This technique traditionally involves the use of aromatic oils.

Massage Duration: 70 minutes


Balneotherapy is a stimulation method aiming to re-establish the body’s harmony. This method uses the natural therapeutic factors in the form of baths or drinking and inhalation treatments. The substances containing these natural therapeutic factors used in the hot spring treatment include the subterranean thermal and mineral waters regarded as "healing waters" as well as natural mud and climatic elements such as gases.

Massage Duration: 30 minutes

Moss Room

Recognised as one of the most ancient methods used in Europe, the moss therapy is applied to tighten the skin, against cellulite and for local slimming. Containing 10 times more oligo elements than the sea, the moss moisturises, purifies, nourishes and balances the skin.

Cleopatra Bathroom

Here, we reveal all the beauty secrets of Cleopatra, a woman who definitely knew how to care for her beauty. Peeling, body-wrapping and special moisturisers will treat both your body and your soul.



  • Turkish bath
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Recreation room
  • Cleopatra massage room
  • Classical massage rooms
  • Balneotherapy
  • Hydro massage rooms
  • Moss therapy
  • Vichy shower
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Skin and body care rooms
  • Thai massage rooms
  • European massage rooms
  • Ayurveda and Aura rooms
  • VIP pier private massage section